LeAura De’Amor

Hi, it’s great to meet you! I’m LeAura and I’m a writer and editor in Austin, Texas.

I love writing (obviously) and want to use it to showcase what you do as well. Whether you need words to persuade customers into your store or website or creative material to supplement your posts and online content, I would love to work with you.

It’s important to understand my voice is malleable. As a writer for hire, I have to be able to take on projects and use a voice that accurately represents the material. I love direct, clear, informative or fictitious writing. Actually, I really love it all. But what’s great is that I can use what I love doing, writing, to flaunt your business, blog, or story and what you love doing.

My writing hobby is poetry and short story. I love to turn writing into a tool that lets you see what I see. A great tool for blogs, persuasive content, and story telling.

What I do:

I find myself writing every chance I get. I started even before I could write, making my brother jot down my first poem at 5 years old. So here I am now, learning every day to stay up to date in the field so that my copy and style is refined and marketable. I work on myself to work for you, really.

Articles & Blogs
Email Copy writing
Direct Mail
Email – Business, Marketing, Professional, Personal
Website Content & Marketing Materials
Editing Novels
Resumes and Cover Letters

Creative Writing

Let’s get in touch, I’d love to write for you!


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